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Ad Agency at Staples

Coded HTML Email advertisements and promotions from static Photoshop design layouts. Expert HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Responsys and Salesforce.

Staples Quarterly Report — New Design — static

Staples Quarterly Report — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table — Passed Litmus Outlook test

Staples Office Persona — The Coffee Connoisseur

Staples Office Persona — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table — Passed Litmus Outlook test

Staples Office Persona — The Coffee Connoisseur responsive landing page

Staples Back-to-School 2014 — Promotion featuring products

Staples Back-to-School 2014 — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table.

Staples Back-to-School 2014 — Promotion as responsive landing page

Stan Dankoski made great email templates, and I adapted these templates to use for Canada language and widgets, as well as RESPONSIVE HTML EMAIL templates.

Showed HTML **RESPONSIVE** email at interview. Re-coded Staples static email newsletter template into a responsive, iPhone-friendly format with XHTML1.0 Doctype to be friendly to XML and JSON data packets while being easy to read. Works on all devices.

Continued responsive HTML Email technique by re-making advertising template in the same way I re-made newsletter template.

Made templates for new Canada website launch, including web version of 17-color agency print color palette, which translates print colors into hexadecimal, rgba, hsla, and Sass language syntax for rgba and hsla color variables.

Expert HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and JQuery. Sass SCSS, Modernizr, Sublime Text with Emmet, Grunt with Node JS NPM and JSON, Coda 2.

Taught team member how to download and use Sass SCSS with simple terminal commands, and a small set of the most commonly used commands.

Found, a free download that picks HSLa values of colors more accurately than the HSB in Photoshop.

Adapted Ad Agency 16-color print palette for web, including HSL and RGB colors, and hexadecimal versions.

Introduced Sublime Text HTML code generator Emmet with link to cheat sheet! This is a great way to code quickly without leaving out any

Discovered and shared Gumby, a free online 960-grid, responsive SCSS and JS framework that includes buttons, UI, favicon, and apple touch icons.

Shared simplest way to set up and use Grunt JS with senior members of the web development team. Grunt JS is a Javascript task-runner that optimizes all web assets (not just Javascript) with a watched folder and a few terminal commands, much like SASS works for CSS. A few simple JSON commands will download the dependencies and keep it updated, and more functions can be downloaded from

Certificates Earned — Keeping up with Web Industry

Icon Fonts

JQuery Essentials

Responsive Design

Responsive Media

Web Technology Fundamentals