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Massachusetts Bay Community College
Full-time, permanent Web Developer. Re-designed old static .net website from 2010 in 2016. Then designed new website in responsive Drupal 7, custom Omega theme. The responsive website launched in July 2018. In each case, made a new home page logo. MassBay logo re-designed by graphic designer Nate Principato. He put it in a vertical ribbon background in print designs, often white on navy. I adapted the logo for web by putting using the blue and green version in a white horizontal ribbon, which is coded in CSS.

I brought in a responsive images module that generates images to different screen sized on the fly as they are uploaded from users’ desktops. They are also scripted to bring the smallest, portrait mobile size download first, so the website loads easily on mobile.

Tutorials migrated from old Google site.I brought in videos and made them suitable for wide training screens as well as mobile viewing.

I made live chat code from our vendor work on mobile by changing their absolute positioning and pixel values into responsive code.

I broke the box with CSS shapes code! One good example is the home page promotions -- put images in circles with color and text on hover using nothing but CSS. A little further down the page, you can see more pointed horizontal page section banners done in CSS.

Dynamic Media Feeds Drupal Views module provides a dashboard for dynamic database custom feeds. I made several of these on the home page including a dynamic events feed that automatically expires, puts events in archive, and links to upcoming events as well. The best example of this is the Newsroom page.

Dynamic Profiles and Directory Made Drupal content type of Team Member MassBay to allow custom profiles with no Profile module! Group profiles are published for the MassBay Foundation Board of Directors and the Student Government Association. I compile these by Group Name on pages of the website, interns can create profiles as they come in. They work with or without images. I use a token to populate the view in pages, columns and blocks as needed. As this functions as an informal Directory, I am now in the process of programming a secure, dynamically updating Directory feed to replace the print document.