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Kaspersky Lab


Chief production person for ongoing multimillion dollar contract with Sony computers (pre-installed security software).

Expanded to 50 different renewal and support pages. First creator of these pages, worked closely with Kaspersky Lab Web Developer team, in particular, Natalia Gabrieleva.

Re-coded the page in static HTML for temporary landing pages.

Here is the new, magazine-style SONY page. I did the images, HTML, and CSS.

Sole production person for mini-website designed by Buyer Advertising. I converted the design from tables to all XHTML divs with CSS3 styling and worked with outside client representative to install client HR portal. Two rollovers on this page, FAMILIA block and button, done with CSS, no scripting.

I updated the images for the new products in the section titled “Download These Great Products”. I altered the box art in Photoshop to make it consistent with the other boxes, and used image map links.

I made the “Videos” section, took the background out of the Youtube video and put poster images on the links.

HTML Emails

Made HTML emails and landing pages. Expert level Photoshop slicing and editing, assertive about chasing down logos, landing page requirements and links, and resolving any conflict within content. XHTML1.0 Doctype tables allowed more modern coding than HTML4 tables. Created templates and uploaded/deployed from ExactTarget, as well as making landing pages with custom PHP forms and subscriber list generation/statistics compilation in Drupal CMS back-end.

Second City event invitation

Threatpost seminar sign-up

Certificates Earned — Keeping up with Web Industry

Drupal 6 Custom Themes

HTML5 Video and Audio

Windows8 — How to Partition Windows 7 and install, Overview of Interface and File Management

InDesign to iPad ePUB

Fixed Layout ePUB

Responsive Design Workflow