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Education Publishing Honors

I have excellent skills in writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

I was accepted to Advanced Placement courses and the combined law degree program at Suffolk University, which offers a law degree in six years instead of seven.

Extremely bored with my government major, although I was involved with political and cultural groups on campus and published and performed my creative writing, I took a leap to the creative side and transferred to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

At the Museum School I continued to publish writing while taking foundation courses in video, photography, graphic design, Art History, sculpture, ceramics, life drawing and anatomical drawing.

I worked in commercial photography and, when I saw that becoming outdated, switched over to graphic design and phototypesetting.

I learned every single command and function of phototypesetting and worked in the local TAB newspapers as both a typesetter/layout/editorial artist and a freelance arts and music reviewer.

I moved up to advertising agencies and financial institutions, and catalogs, learning to integrate visual arts, publishing, and computer automation.

I mastered computers, QuarkXPress, the complete Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and moved on to scripting textbooks for XML, then scripting textbooks within and for PDF custom publishing.

From 1993 onward I was applying all of this to websites, moving from Mosaic and gopher at the Cambridge Public Library to my own 10mb Yahoo page and TIAC dial-up account in 1996 to Berkman Center for Internet and Society in 2006 and 2007 and continued to follow developments that made top quality art, images and typography possible on THE WEB!!

Hand-coded a website design and website coding in 2010, with new photoshop banners, for Arlington Street Church, moved on the the New England Journal of Medicine and improved their image handling and formats, as well as creating a vertical, newspaper-like home page template design that eliminated awkward chunks of white space in the HTML template that they had been using!

Learned Drupal, Wordpress, Git, Grunt, NPM, JSON, Javascript and JQuery, practicing all.

Kaspersky Lab was moving from Drupal to Tridion for ease of translation. I mastered Drupal and began altering views and content types. Created custom portals.

Staples Headquarters, Ad Agency At Staples. Here I was making emails in tables. Excellent Stan Dankoski had a template and excellent Jerry Bunker had Javascript skills. They wanted to make responsive emails. I had done a lot of very difficult emails at Kaspersky, in which I had to slice photographs to THE PIXEL and arrange them seamlessly in tables. Therefore I was fearless in tables and figured out a way to adapt Stan’s template to produce responsive tables and therefore, responsive emails.

Staples Headquarters - Ad Agency at Staples, Framingham, MA

Coded HTML Email advertisements and promotions from static Photoshop design layouts. Expert HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Responsys and Salesforce.

Staples Back-to-School 2014 — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table.

Staples Quarterly Report — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table — Passed Litmus Outlook test

Staples Office Persona — Responsive, iPhone-friendly table — Passed Litmus Outlook test

Stan Dankoski made great email templates, and I adapted these templates to use for Canada language and widgets, as well as RESPONSIVE HTML EMAIL templates.

Showed HTML **RESPONSIVE** email at interview. Re-coded Staples static email newsletter template into a responsive, iPhone-friendly format with XHTML1.0 Doctype to be friendly to XML and JSON data packets while being easy to read. Works on all devices.

Continued responsive HTML Email technique by re-making advertising template in the same way I re-made newsletter template.

Made templates for new Canada website launch, including web version of 17-color agency print color palette, which translates print colors into hexadecimal, rgba, hsla, and Sass language syntax for rgba and hsla color variables.

Expert HTML, CSS, Photoshop, and JQuery. Sass SCSS, Modernizr, Sublime Text with Emmet, Grunt with Node JS NPM and JSON, Coda 2.

Taught team member how to download and use Sass SCSS with simple terminal commands, and a small set of the most commonly used commands.

Found, a free download that picks HSLa values of colors more accurately than the HSB in Photoshop.

Adapted Ad Agency 16-color print palette for web, including HSL and RGB colors, and hexadecimal versions.

Introduced Sublime Text HTML code generator Emmet with link to cheat sheet! This is a great way to code quickly without leaving out any

Shared simplest way to set up and use Grunt JS with senior members of the web development team. Grunt JS is a Javascript task-runner that optimizes all web assets (not just Javascript) with a watched folder and a few terminal commands, much like SASS works for CSS. A few simple JSON commands will download the dependencies and keep it updated, and more functions can be downloaded from

MassBay Community College, Wellesley and Framingham, MA

Hired in January, 2015. to be Web Developer full-time, permanent. At first to maintain wretched static website and separate vendor mobile site, then to re-design and re-develop. By June 2016 had removed image text headlines, brought in google fonts, and cleaned up the gradient background boxes of the MassBay website. Mobile-only vendor called it quits, so built a responsive mobile site on Google Sites. Office of IT built a tutorial website on Google Sites as well. I posted content and put in a new improved home page slideshow design and hand-coded attractive sub-page layouts, and chose nice colors and fonts for the button - links, which I coded in HTML CSS and flushed out all the old image links. I was spending half-days building the Drupal responsive website. July 30, 2018 — launched the new Drupal website. All the coding skills as well as color, fonts, and photography are to the fore.

I attend Drupal conferences, professional development and leadership conferences, and writing groups. I am tough, passionate and motivated to make the best user experience and user interface, and to be inclusive of all kinds of people, and to learn everything that I need to learn along the way.

I offer an improved look and feel as well as improved production tools to make them happen and make them happen faster and make them happen every time.